Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of the Year Wrap Up

Well, the walls of my classroom are bare and depressing. It reminds me of middle school and high school classrooms, and I HATE it! I love color, and this part of moving is my least favorite. It's entirely out of character for me, and the kids hate it, too. Although my mind is swirling with ideas for making my new space "mine."
There are three days left (and an hour) of the school year. I'm pretty attached to my kiddos, especially since I've had several of them for two years in a row, and we went through some pretty tough stuff together last year. I anticipate tears (theirs and mine). On Monday when we have that hour of school, I'll show my traditional slide show (this weekend's project). I also have a special gift I've made for each student, but I can't share that until I give them out! Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise! The remainder of this week will be filled with lots of reading, laptop fun, finishing up our Social Studies projects (we've been making books), a fun school-wide dance, recognition ceremony, and a celebration for my 6th graders.
Plotting out my summer with my own kids.... I've downloaded listings of parks for all of the surrounding communities, and we're planning on doing a "Tour de Parks" to hit as many as possible. We'll sign up for the summer reading program this Saturday. Disney World for the first time (for ANY of us, hubby and I included!) will be the end of July. Yes, I know it will be HOT! But A - I'm a teacher... it's not like I can just take a week off during the year and go. (Well I suppose I *could*, but I wouldn't...) and B - it's gonna be hot here, too, at least we'll be in DISNEY WORLD! :)

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