Monday, June 3, 2013

Another school year comes to an end...

The room is quiet and empty. It's a bit sad. Five minutes ago I was barraged with tearful hugs and goodbyes. I'm going to miss these kids! Everything is packed and ready to move to my new school and grade. I'll start the first trip over today and let the district do the rest. But yes, it's definitely bittersweet. While I'm excited about the grade level change and the stability that this new spot will offer, and the new staff seems absolutely wonderful, I loved my two years at this school. And having gone through my roughest year ever last year and coming out the other side with these guys, it's a bit overwhelming to think of starting over. I know it'll be wonderful and things happen for a reason. I am optimistic and happy, but also a bit sad, if that makes any sense.... Much how I felt watching the kids today as they watched the slide show of their year pass by before their eyes.

So. Their gift! I found this idea on pinterest from another teacher. I used to make these. Play with it a bit. It's pretty easy to figure out. (To get the names prominent, change the "we" setting on that word to 4, and leave the rest at 1.) I made a sheet with everyone's name on it, and then everyone had to describe each other in one word. I asked students to write their favorite colors (so I'd know which colors to use). These are a few pics of the reveal and the final product. Enjoy! Have a wonderful summer!

                                                 Waiting for the "Big Reveal"

Checking them Out!

Finished Product!!

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