Monday, September 16, 2013

Get your learn on!

Today I received a wonderfully cute and inspirational video from the parent of one of my students. Please check it out here:

So I decided to include a few pictures of my class "getting their learn on" so far this year.

Madi is demonstrating our "Smart Readers" wall. This is where students add their connections, questions, and inferences while reading.

Lanasha, Mike, & Trey are working on Word Study at their seats while CJ quizzes Serena and Nick on the meanings of their words. 

Today during math we had a planned fire drill. We also had three students absent. So rather than start a new lesson, I decided to let the kids have some time to "play" with the math manipulatives, and they were SO engaged. They had the choices of playing a math game, doing any type of math problem with dominoes, using pattern blocks to make tessellating patterns, etc. This group of students chose to make patterns. They worked incredibly well together and stayed on task the entire time with no arguing over blocks. Impressive!

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